Let's network your compressor panel

You will ask “Why add ethernet connectivity to a compressor control panel?”

The long term advantage of using ethernet enabled control panels is the ease of troubleshooting through an easy web portal interface and the ability for smart devices to send alarms via SMS text messaging.

What good is an alarm if no one is around to notice it is going off? SMS messaging allows your panel to call for help.

The way it’s done now:

  1. Fault condition occurs at 10pm on a Friday
  2. Alarm
  3. No one is around to notice alarm
  4. Operator notices alarm 7am Monday morning.
  5. HVAC system has been off for 2 days and pipes are frozen.
  6. Operator troubleshoots or bypasses fault to get system back up.
  7. Calls mechanical contractor to come and fix pipes.


The way it could be done:

  1. Fault condition occurs 10pm on a Friday
  2. Alarm sent via SMS to operator
  3. Operator logs into web portal to check smart relay condition
  4. Operator sees HVAC system is offline.
  5. Calls property manager to have someone go and check out the system.
  6. Property manager bypasses fault until monday and pipes don’t freeze.


I’ll grant that this is an oversimplification but it demonstrates the flexibility that using ethernet enabled devices can provide to even the simplest of control panels. Many new smart relays include built in web servers giving the option of troubleshooting or modifying a controller remotely. A technologist can change the set point of an hvac system, the on-time of a load sharing parking lot receptacle controller or remotely download a program into a replacement of a damaged smart relay minimizing downtime.

For the a minimal increase in cost  the benefits of having ethernet enabled control devices allow a decrease in long term operating costs, the security of having alarms be actioned upon even when no one is around to see them, and the flexibility to connect the system to theinternet of things.

James Jenkinson

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