...To keep the moose-balls from freezing up.

Or the weird world of industrial construction.


It can be overwhelming the first time you're asked to quote a product for which you have no idea what its purpose is. The first time someone asked me to quote an immersion heater to keep the mooseballs from freezing up I thought he was having a go at me. In hindsight, it makes sense, the large Flygt float switches bare a certain resemblance to a certain anatomical part of a certain antlered mammal. 

When dealing with industrial customers, mines, smelters, and remote projects the weird can become a daily occurrence. Dealing with the bizarre requests and unique requirements is a challenge that can be incredibly rewarding. The trick is to take it in stride, to treat every problem as a new puzzle to be solved. Every unique challenge is an opportunity for growth and to gain valuable experience which can help someone else. Being the reservoir and conduit for knowledge, using the experiences of dealing with one customer to help another. 

At Tusk Automation, we strive to rise to meet the unique demands of industrial customers. With ten years of experience, we can offer innovate solutions. We offer an ease of doing business because we know that when you need to keep the mooseballs from freezing up you're not just engaged in some interesting weekend recreation.  

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