MONODON Remote Bulk Storage Monitoring

The Monodon system provides bulk bin remote level monitoring to remotely access the fill level of chip and bulk storage bins from any internet connected device including IPhones, Android phones, tablets and any internet connected PC. Our cloud based solution connects bulk storage systems to the Internet of Things (IOT).

Works with solids like hog, shavings, fines, aggregate, and lime. Works with liquids like, cooking oil, lubricants, and any other bulk chemical. Sensors are selected based on chemical resistance and hazardous location ratings to work with the specific medium.


Reduce downtime by always having the storage bin full or empty as required to maintain production. Mills need chip bins emptied on time in order to avoid having to dumping chips on the ground. Trucking companies don't want to waste trucks being dispatched for partial loads. Monodon helps supply chain stakeholders by providing real time and trended data to help trucking companies schedule pickups, suppliers deliver on time, and save producers optimize storage capacity. Alarms and alerts help the Mill by notifying the trucking company automatically when bins are approaching a user selectable fill level. 

Improve tracking by collecting time stamped data on bin level changes. Monodon can be used by bulk material customers to track their own purchases and provide independent verification of deliveries and consumption. Did we actual get the 5000L of cooking oil we paid for? Were the chips we paid for and picked up actual delivered? Full data logging and trending allow for intelligent business planning based on actual product consumption. 

Automatically reorder product as bin levels decrease. The system can be ordered to alarm at low bin levels and to notify suppliers via email that it is time to deliver another shipment. Eliminate the costs of running out of bulk production inputs by having Just In Time delivery.

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